Let It Flow Artistry

Let It Flow Artistry



14”x14”. SOLD $300.
14”x14”. SOLD $300.

Passionate Unique Pour Art

Since I can remember, art has always been a huge part of my life. From watching my mom when I was young, to finding my own talent as a young adult. I have played with a every type of mediums. 

During the 2020 COVID lockdown, I began creating fluid art, or pour paintings. I struggled, and gave up several times. After a couple of months, I started see my own style come to life. I am 42, I have found my passion, and my dreams are slowly becoming my reality.  I will certainly continue to fail.  But why do we fall down?  So we can learn to pick ourselves up.When chance comes to your door, you can either close the door and walk away, or you can embrace what you love to do, and everything you want will follow.

Creativity Takes Courage - Henri Matisse 

Basalt, Colorado 

These two pieces, are hanging in Basalt.  Very exciting to see them, when I returned. Both of them were done in 2020.

If you are going through hell, keep going!

-Winston Churchill